Firstly, I want to thank the tapers, traders and Van fanatics
who make this series possible. Without them we would be nowhere!!!!

Artwork included-thanks to HB

And last of all-ENJOY-that's what it's all about

The Best Of 2001 will comprise of 6 volumes
of versions of songs that I personally like.
They may or may not be your personal favorites
but they all stand out in one way or another for their
rarity of performance or for their uniqueness of version
They all blend as seamlessly as possible to simulate
an actual concert performance.
March 2001 marked the end of the Linda Gail Lewis era.
Only Volume 1 includes Linda Gail material.
In retrospect it wasn't a bad year-when I listen to what Van
is performing in 2007. You won't find too many of the songs
in this compilation in his present day setlist-which IMO
is a crying shame.OK-Enough lamenting!!!!

Vol. 3

Features songs from 2 shows in Cork-Ireland in August
where the man was dead on!!!

Sack O' Woe-done 5 times
Real Real Gone-done 6 times
Irish Heartbeat-done 3 times
Rock Me Baby-done 5 times-bluesssssy!!
Rainin' In My Heart-done many times-Bluessssssssssssy!!
The Healing Game-done 4 times
Did Ye Get Healed-done many times-this one the best
It's All In The Game-a nice workout
Madame George-Another beauty!!
Star Of The County Down-a nice one
And The Healing Has Begun-great!!
Boogie Chillen-it really cooks
Stand By Me-with Chris Farlowe

01-Sack O' Woe-09-14-Portsmouth-England
02-Real Real Gone-09-14-Portsmouth-England
03-Irish Heartbeat-07-22-Dublin-Ireland
04-Rock Me Baby-08-17-Cork-Ireland
05-Rainin' In My Heart-08-17-Cork-Ireland
06-The Healing Game-08-17-Cork-Ireland
07-Did Ye Get Healed-08-18-Cork-Ireland-Late
08-It's All In The Game-08-18-Cork-Ireland-Late
09-Madame George-08-18-Cork-Ireland-Late
10-Star Of The County Down-08-18-Cork-Ireland-Late
11-And The Healing Has Begun-07-21-Warwick-England
12-Boogie Chillen-09-07-Cardiff-Wales
13-Stand By Me-09-07-Cardiff-Wales
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