Firstly, I want to thank the tapers, traders and Van fanatics
who make this series possible. Without them we would be nowhere!!!!

Artwork included-again thanks to Harm

And last of all-ENJOY-that's what it's all about

It seems like yesterday that I was complaining
about Van's performances in 2002-but in retrospect
I didn't realize what would happen in 2006-horns in
the trash-pedal steel on everything-the Lawrence Welk
band backing him up and Van usually on AUTOPILOT!!!!!
Well 2002 sounds great now-so let's get it on.

This time around unlike 2003-2004-and 2005 I did not try to include every song he only did once in the year-because in retrospect some of these songs were inferior recordings. This time I have tried to match the sound quality of the songs within each CD. This time around each CD is my version of my DREAM CONCERT-so here we have it- 6 fantasy concerts which did not take place but should have!!!!!!!!!!!

Vol. 3

Our venues are Manchester-England
and Dublin-Ireland after breaks of at
least 1 week

Vanlose-with feeling
Wild Night-done 5 times-he was on this night!!
Cyprus Avenue-done 1 time-and not since-a beauty!!!!!
That's Life-done 6 times-you'd think he was in Vegas-not Manchester!!
Star Of The County Down-done many times in 2002-but
can you imagine Van doing these 3 songs in consecutive order
in 2006????
What Makes The Irish Heartbeat-done 2 times
It's A Man's-done 2 times
Baby Please-done many times-great version-at a break Van yells
PLAY THE SAX-not in 2006 thanks!!!!!
It Once-done 2 times
I Have Finally-done 1 time-and not since
Only A Dream-done 5 times-and the first live performance of it
Northern Muse-done 8 times
Game-a beauty-blahblahblahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!
Madame George-done 2 times-another beauty-only done once since in 2005

01-Vanlose Stairway (Manchester-England 2002-03-15)
02-Wild Night (Manchester-England 2002-03-15)
03-Cyprus Avenue (Manchester-England 2002-03-15)
04-That's Life (Manchester-England 2002-03-15)
05-Star Of The County Down (Manchester-England 2002-03-15)
06-What Makes The Irish Heartbeat (Dublin-Ireland-Early 2002-05-04)
07-It's A Man's, Man's, Man's World (Dublin-Ireland-Early 2002-05-04)
08-Baby Please Don't Go (Dublin-Ireland-Late 2002-05-04)
09-It Once Was My Life (Dublin-Ireland-Late 2002-05-04)
10-I Have Finally Come To Realize (Dublin-Ireland-Late 2002-05-04)
11-Only A Dream (Dublin-Ireland-Late 2002-05-04)
12-Northern Muse-Solid Ground (Dublin-Ireland-Late 2002-05-04)
13-It's All In The Game (Dublin-Ireland-Late 2002-05-04)
14-Madame George (Dublin-Ireland-Late 2002-05-04)

Images for all shows as well as full size images for this show.

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