VAN MORRISON, special guest: Candy Dulfer
Donaubuehne, Tulln an der Donau, Austria

Audience recording, good quality (Caveat: one annoying handclapper next to the taper).
Exact lineage unknown.

Thanks to Martin, Hanna, and of course to the taper!

Comment on
"Van opened for Candy Dulfer; Mr. Morrison showed a touch of humour at the yesterday's concert on Blue Danube in Tulln - near Vienna, Austria. It was raining cats and dogs. It seems, the wet weather did some good to his voice, because I seldom heard him in such good shape before. He was excellent. And so was his band. I think, it was the same line up as Vienna, Burg Clam and Wiesen. But what a difference to the show in Vienna 1 1/2 years ago. Matt Holland kept the band tight together. The beats were precise, the sound clear. Only 8 people on the stage and the sound of a big band. Bravo. Whenever I saw Candy Dulfer entering, she did it during "Moondance". Yesterday there was no dancing in the moonlight at all. It would have been difficult with the audience wearing all these cheap thin yellow raincoats, which one could buy at the cash counter. Anyway, it was a pleasure to hear her again. Setlist: There were only few "best of" songs, like "Brown Eyed Girl" and the encore "Gloria". We heard a lot of "Down the Road", certainly some new songs, all together much R & B and some delightful Jazz. There was a very nice "When you Smile", a precise "Precious Time" and a brilliant "Solid Ground", despite the fact, that the stage was swimming on the Danube. So that's what it was: a solid piece of work and the extra + of some brilliant moments. Thanks again, Mr. Morrison, we were standing in the rain and enjoyed it. Ulli from Vienna"

1 Haunts Of Ancient Peace
2 Meet Me In The Indian Summer
3 Chopping Wood
4 Ain�t Nothing You Can Do
5 Early In The Morning
6 Going Down Geneva > Brand New Cadillac
7 Thanks For The Information
8 Dead Or Alive
9 Muleskinner Blues
10 Allow Me > Mama Don�t Allow
11 All Work And No Play
12 Sack O'Woe
13 Help Me
14 Precious Time
15 When You�re Smiling
16 Days Like This

1 Northern Muse (Solid Ground)
2 Have I Told You Lately
3 Stop Drinking
4 Brown Eyed Girl
5 Gloria

Lineup: Richard Dunn, Ned Edwards, David Hayes, Matt Holland, Bobby Irwin, Martin Winning; Guest: Candy Dulfer

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