Van Morrison
Forum Theatre,
Malvern, England

BBC radio 2 program

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comments: i really like this cd. first, the recording is excellent, 2nd VM is having fun, and then 3 highlights: Little Village (horn solo is OMG!), Listen to the Lion, and Stop Drinking, but its all good. of course i liked the What's Wrong w/ this Picture cd, so in the minority there.

01. Introduction
02. Whining Boy Moan
03. Once in a Blue Moon
04. What's Wrong With This Picture
05. Little Village
06. Have I Told You Lately (Las Vegas Version)
07. Listen to the Lion
08. Goldfish Bowl
09. Stop Drinking
10. It's All in the Game/You Know What They're Writing About/Make It Real One More Time/Rainbow '65
11. Gloria
BBC Radio 2 Broadcast. Aired 12/13/2003

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