There is a audience source circulating that reports "Neumann KMF4 > PS2 > Modified Sony D8," but there was no source info on this show's attached setlist, so I have no idea if this is that.

I do know that the entire thing was SHN, the converted WAV files were littered with SBEs, that I fixed them all, and then converted to FLAC.

Van Morrison
Masonic Auditorium
San Francisco, California USA
April 3, 2004

Source: Unknown audience recording. It came to us as SHN.

My part:

SHN > TLH > WAV > shntool (detected SBEs) > TLH (fixed SBEs, WAV > FLAC(level 8)

CD 1:
01. Inarticulate Speech Of The Heart #1
02. Have I Told You Lately?
03. Once In A Blue Moon
04. Back On Top
05. In The Midnight
06. Wonderful Remark
07. Little Village
08. Whining Boy Moan
09. Sometimes We Cry
10. Walking My Baby Back Home

CD 2:
01. Days Like This
02. All Work And No Play
03. Into The Mystic
04. Going Down Geneva > Brand New Cadillac
05. All In The Game > You Know What They're Writing About? > Make It Real One More Time > Rainbow 65
06. Precious Time
07. When The Healing Has Begun
08. Brown Eyed Girl
09. Gloria

Total time = 92:28

VM2004-04-03 d01t01.flac:42ed175d4df2551587c52a41fcb1c089
VM2004-04-03 d01t02.flac:209cdafa9475d23b54633429afdfee47
VM2004-04-03 d01t03.flac:32cd1f11e97af30cd5cfd087da630c31
VM2004-04-03 d01t04.flac:d7e38e00c3d9cc2189a47b53daf406e7
VM2004-04-03 d01t05.flac:f642e8fe09f82e3476a2e568ef3c2ffc
VM2004-04-03 d01t06.flac:c0f7fc431c219e843d2260f74b97c17a
VM2004-04-03 d01t07.flac:619634f5dc8376019c64cb421a93527a
VM2004-04-03 d01t08.flac:a10cf3802a6ace2bf4450cd22db37c38
VM2004-04-03 d01t09.flac:268bf0b3a2bce3e1f4fa753f8dbafd3e
VM2004-04-03 d01t10.flac:a7455c4450330fe3d6edd2d116c96028
VM2004-04-03 d02t01.flac:02cc0ea725a6e42922baf5c73439cb69
VM2004-04-03 d02t02.flac:99f509055a7af8be98c0399ec51e0763
VM2004-04-03 d02t03.flac:d95c840c9c822303e7dc735d62fb94aa
VM2004-04-03 d02t04.flac:4c6b3e4628b29f68d05dc22bf755267c
VM2004-04-03 d02t05.flac:9a049bf566b4bf54f9d3c02bf848ef91
VM2004-04-03 d02t06.flac:ded91883602dc5a54f680943f7fea10a
VM2004-04-03 d02t07.flac:4d07bf6b378888dfbe76a315ad1cad5a
VM2004-04-03 d02t08.flac:d001a23399891534d3a2cf5d0ed45c2a
VM2004-04-03 d02t09.flac:a447a74e87bf69e3d32df974c24f1543