29 JUNE 2004
1h 33m

Disc One
So Complicated [instr.]
All Work And No Play
You Make Me Feel So Free
Back On Top
I Believe To My Soul
Whinin� Boy Moan
In The Midnight
Mule Skinner Blues
Philosophers Stone

Disc Two
Ain�t That Loving You Baby [NE]
In The Afternoon > Ancient Highway
Precious Time [scat ending]
It�s All In The Game > Make It Real One More Time
Little Village
Did Ye Get Healed?
Stop Drinking Wine
Help Me
Brown Eyed Girl

Sound: good audience recording. A couple of glitches on disc 2.
Source: Unknown but the taper contributes this:

This show promised much in that the great man started in good form,
unusually introducing three of the early songs but Somehow Van & the
audience never seemed to connect & both gradually lost interest.
On the face of it the set list appears to have some potential but Van
throws it away with truncated versions of the songs we all love to see him
prolong. The taper blames poor sound for the muted audience response. Vans
acoustic guitar playing was completely inaudible early in the set & David
Heys bass a mere echo. These problems only resolved part way through but by
then the game (literally!) was over. Other special moments are the fluffed
ending to in the afternoon & creative lyrics from Ned in 'Ain't that lovin' you
baby': 'whoops!' This band is precious.