The Best Of 2004
We continue the Journey Through The Past
Thanks to Neil Young for the line. There
should end up being 6 volumes again and
they will follow. There are plenty of horns
present and NO C&W!!!!!!!!!!

Vol. 1
Van started off 2004 slowly with only a few
concerts in January and February but I beleive
he does much better when he starts off and when
he's not doing a week of concerts continuosly
Inarticulate at 11.46 min is one of the best versions ever
Get On with The Show was only done 3 times in 2004
Hoochie Coochie-5 times
Outskirts-1 time
Ain't Nothing-1 time
Meaning-3 times
Game-this version contains his infamous internet rant
Rambler's Blues-2 times
We finish off with a great string from Malaga
I don't usually include Bright Side and Gloria
but there was a nice feeling at this show and
he's on and enjoying himself
On Healing-he does some diggediggeee and he's way
down the backstreets and at 12.17 min is one his
longer outings for this song
Baby Blue is one his better versions


Artwork Included-Many Thanks To Harm Bengen Again!!!!

01-Inarticulate Speech Of The Heart-Daring Night(Malaga-Spain-Late 2004-01-18)
02-Get On With The Show (Sandefjord-Norway 2004-01-10)
03-Hoochie Coochie Man (Sandefjord-Norway 2004-01-10)
04-Outskirts Of Town (Granada-Spain 2004-01-17)
05-Ain't Nothing You Can Do (Granada-Spain 2004-01-17)
06-Meaning Of Loneliness (Granada-Spain 2004-01-17)
07-It's All In The Game (Granada-Spain 2004-01-17)
08-Rambler's Blues (Malaga-Spain-Late 2004-01-18)
09-Bright Side Of The Road (Malaga-Spain-Late 2004-01-18)
10-And The Healing Has Begun (Malaga-Spain-Late 2004-01-18)
11-It's All Over Now, Baby Blue (Malaga-Spain-Late 2004-01-18)
12-Gloria (Malaga-Spain-Late 2004-01-18)

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