Vol. 2
We start off with another great Inarticulate
coming in at over 11 min
then It Once Was with his "famous-bullshit" commentary
and only done 2 times in 2004
another great Hoochie
Real Real done 3 times
Goodnight Irene-1 time
So Complicated-1 time
A rocking Baby Please
Foggy-4 times
I'll Never Be Free-1 time and the only
live version I have of 900 boots
Just A Little Bit-1 time-this is
the one Ned Edwards has been opening
some 2006 shows with-originally sung
by Roscoe Gordon and later by Roy Head
then Rome-a great concert with an old
style Help Me and an emotional Bring
It On Home
then we have the Star-Solid Ground Medley
done 2 and 3 times
and the infamous "any bootleggers out there-St Patrick's
Day In Rome-that would make a good one" inserted-taken
from another source-most versions of this boot
have this section deleted
and we end with a dynamite Did Ye Get Healed medley
that comes in at over 12 min


Artwork Atttached-Thanks HB

01-Inarticulate Speech Of The Heart-When Heart Is Open (Goteborg-Sweden 2004-01-26)
02-It Once Was My Life (Goteborg-Sweden 2004-01-26)
03-Hoochie Coochie Man (Goteborg-Sweden 2004-01-26)
04-Real Real Gone-You Send Me (Goteborg-Sweden 2004-01-26)
05-Goodnight Irene (Malaga-Spain-Early 2004-01-18)
06-So Complicated (Malaga-Spain-Early 2004-01-18)
07-Baby Please Don't Go (Copenhagen-Denmark 2004-02-06)
08-Foggy Mountain Top-T For Texas (Copenhagen-Demark 2004-02-06)
09-I'll Never Be Free (York-England 2004-03-10)
10-Just A Little Bit (York-England 2004-03-10)
11-Help Me (Rome-Italy 2004-03-17)
12-Bring It On Home To Me (Rome-Italy 2004-03-17)
13-Star Of The County Down (Rome-Italy 2004-03-17)
14-Northern Muse-Solid Ground (Rome-Italy 2004-03-17)
15-Did Ye Get Healed-Daring Night-Yeh Yeh (Granada-Spain 2004-01-17)

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