I have had many emails and requests
for the rest of this series but I've had to do real
work in my other life as a plumber the last 2 weeks
but the job is finished so here we go again.

I want to preface this by saying if you're
looking for Whining Boy, Stop Drinking, Gloria,
Brown Eyed Girl, etc then this Best Of series
is not for you-This compilation features
one of's,great performances of classics
and unusual readings of songs and finally
"Songs That I Like"
They are all blended as seamlessly as possible
to make it seem like each volume is a concert
in itself. When burning to CD use DAO-no pause
in between tracks and you will have great concerts

We start off Vol.3 with 2 tracks from Boston
and then go to San Francisco where he does a great
version of One Irish Rover-only done once in 2004
Then It Once Was My Life-done 2 times and then on to
Milan-One of the top 5 concerts of the year. He was on
and his setlist was great.
The Healing Game-only time
Get On With The Show-done 3 times
Caravan-only time-There is a small glitch at the start
when someone in the audience goes ohoh which cannot
be repaired-this is on the original source shn files
Summertime In England-only time
Sack O' Woe-only time
See Me Through-only time
A great show all in all
We then move on to NYC where he gave his best US
show of the year in the theatre at MSG
He seems to like this venue and he had just had a 2
week break and it shows.A great performance.


Artwork included-Thanks to HB

01-Good Morning Blues (Boston-Massachusetts 2004-04-08)
02-Don't Start Crying Now-Custard Pie (Boston-Massachusetts 2004-04-09)
03-One Irish Rover (Francisco-California 2004-04-04)
04-It Once Was My Life (Minneapolis-Minnesota 2004-04-01)
05-The Healing Game (Milan-Italy 2004-03-18)
06-Get On With The Show (Milan-Italy 2004-03-18)
07-Caravan (Milan-Italy 2004-03-18)
08-Summertime In England (Milan-Italy 2004-03-18)
09-Sack O' Woe (Milan-Italy 2004-03-18)
10-See Me Through-Burning Ground (Milan-Italy 2004-03-18)
11-Tore Down A La Rimbaud (NYC 2004-03-31)
12-Into The Mystic (NYC 2004-03-31)
13-That's Life (NYC 2004-03-31)
14-And The Healing Has Begun (NYC 2004-03-31)
15-It's All In The Game (NYC 2004-03-31)

Images for all shows as well as full size images for this show.

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