I want to preface this by saying if you're
looking for Whining Boy, Stop Drinking, Gloria,
Brown Eyed Girl, etc then this Best Of series
is not for you-This compilation features
one of's,great performances of classics
and unusual readings of songs and finally
"Songs That I Like"
They are all blended as seamlessly as possible
to make it seem like each volume is a concert
in itself. When burning to CD use DAO-no pause
in between tracks and you will have great concerts

Vol. 5 starts off with
So Complicated-done 2 times
We then have a nice version of Early
then on to Brighton with
Steal My Heart Away-done 1 time
and on to Bonn where he gave a great concert
We have Fire In the Belly and then some oldies
Then on to Liverpool with
Beautiful Vision-done 1 time
and a nice version of Help Me
and we end up in Antwerp where he gave one of his top 5
concerts of the year.He was on and enjoying himself
as evidenced by the song selection
A great Did Ye Get Healed
You Make Me Feel So Free
I believe To My Soul-done 5 times
All Saint Day-done 7 times
Crazy Love-done only once
Somerset-done 4 times
A beautiful In The Afternoon
and close with Just Like A Woman a great version
and only done twice this year


Artwork incuded-Thanks to HB

01-So Complicated (Glasgow-Scotland 2004-06-29)
02-Early In The Morning (Edinbugh-Scotland 2004-08-06)
03-Steal My Heart Away (Brighton-England 2004-11-26)
04-Fire In The Belly (Bonn-Germany 2004-07-11)
05-Here Comes The Night (Bonn-Germany 2004-07-11)
06-Baby Please Don't Go (Bonn-Germany 2004-07-11)
07-And It Stoned Me (Bonn-Germany 2004-07-11)
08-Beautiful Vision (Liverpool-England 2004-06-03)
09-Help Me (Liverpool-England 2004-06-03)
10-Did Ye Get Healed-Yeh Yeh (Antwerp-Belgium 2004-06-17)
11-You Make Me Feel So Free (Antwerp-Belgium 2004-06-17)
12-I Believe To My Soul (Antwerp-Belgium 2004-06-17)
13-All Saints Day (Antwerp-Belgium 2004-06-17)
14-Crazy Love (Antwerp-Belgium 2004-06-17)
15-Somerset (Antwerp-Belgium 2004-06-17)
16-In The Afternoon (Antwerp-Belgium 2004-06-17)
17-Just Like A Woman (Antwerp-Belgium 2004-06-17)

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