2005 Feb 28 (Mon)
Auditorium Euskalduna

Linage unknown: good quality aud recording
thanks to the taper(s?)
and to Paul for sending me the show

artwork will be at http://john-donne.easytree.org
whenever someone does it perhaps the show should be called

'The Late Van Morrison Show'

on account of the length of the first track due to Mr Morrison's
delayed arrival?

Inarticulate Speech Of The Heart #1(instru),
Have I Told You Lately(Las Vegas version),
All Saints Day,
Philosophers Stone,
All Work And No Play,
Whatever Happened To PJ Proby,
Don�t Worry About A Thing,
How Long Has This Been Going On,
Back On Top,
In The Midnight,
Sometimes We Cry,
Precious Time,
Stop Drinking,
Brown Eyed Girl,
Sack O� Woe,
Jackie Wilson Said,
Bright Side Of The Road,

90 mins

The Van Morrison Band:
Alec Dankworth,
Ned Edwards,
Matt Holland,
Jeff Leach,
Bobby Ruggiero,
Martin Winning

trade freely but please do not pass on or trade lossy versions
and never never sell this