Van Morrison Grand Theatre, Swansea, Wales, 10 April 2005 : Early Show : 17.30

This is the first public playing of the near entirety (10 of 13) of the songs from new VM CD "Magic Time" due in stores mid-May.
(only Celtic New Year, The Lion This TIme and Just Like Greta are missing)

Disc 1 :
:Keep Mediocrity At Bay
:Gypsy In My Soul
:This Love Of Mine
:Evening Train
:Whinin� Boy Moan
:Carry On Regardless
:They Sold Me Out
:I�m Confessin�
:Lonely And Blue

Disc 2 :
:Precious Time [scat ending]
:Little Village
:Stop Drinking
:Magic Time
:Brown Eyed Girl
:Gloria > Pretty Thing > Solid Sender

The Van Morrison Band : Ned Edwards, David Hayes, Matt Holland, Jeff Leach, Bobby Ruggiero, Martin Winning.

Taper�s rant / equipment used : You want to know what gear I used? Thank your lucky stars you haven�t had to
wait 6 months to get a copy of this on a badly recorded sixth generation C90 lo-fi cassette from a friend of a friend
of a friend. Did you drive for 3 hours, spend a fortune on petrol and leeks, stay in a noisy flea-bitten hotel, eat a
dodgy curry, smuggle gear into the gig, sit there as fear gripped your heart? No, all you had to do was sit on your
fat spotty arse and download it!

Anyway it was Sonics + PCM-M1 > soundblaster > cool-edit pro > cdwave > you, you ungrateful bastard!

The taper was cranky but the recording is excellent - pristine A+ sound for an audience recording.

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