Van Morrison
Museumplatz, Kunst- Und Ausstellungshalle, Bonn, Germany
6 August 2005

1h 30m, Candy Dulfer from "Moondance" onwards
Audience recording. Good sound but some audience noises.
Nice show, performance above average.
Exact lineage unknown.

1 This Love Of Mine
2 Goldfish Bowl
3 Have I Told You Lately [Las Vegas version]
4 Back On Top
5 Moondance
6 Gypsy In My Soul
7 Fever
8 Magic Time
9 Precious Time [scat ending]
10 Here Comes The Night
11 Ain�t That Loving You Baby?

1 Celtic New Year
2 Little Village
3 Domino
4 Days Like This
5 That�s Life
6 Goin� Down Geneva > Brand New Cadillac
7 Brown Eyed Girl
8 Gloria

The Van Morrison Band:
Ned Edwards
David Hayes
Matt Holland
Mark T Jordan
Bobby Ruggiero
Martin Winning
Guest: Candy Dulfer.

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