Van Morrison
Nob Hill Masonic Auditorium
San Francisco, CA
Friday, March 3rd, 2006

"Keep This Music Alive!"

Capture: Sony Stereo Lavalier-> AIWA JS475-> Type II Cassette
Transfer:Tascam PortaOne-> 16bit/44.1mHz-> Cool Edit Pro 2.0 (minor edits)->
---> CDWaveEditor-> WAV-> FLAC(6.0)-> maketorrent-> DAD-> insert name here

Disc One
(Did Ye Get Healed, first song, not recorded)
01. Magic Time (fades in) 2.53
02. Fame 4.45
03. St. James Infirmary 5.23
04. My Bucket's Got A Hole In It 2.30
05. There Stands The Glass 3.00
06. Pay The Devil 3.05
07. All In The Game-> You Know What They're Writing About 7.37
08. Moondance 7.09

Disc Two
01. Big Blue Diamonds 2.42
02. Playhouse 4.24
03. Things Have Gone To Pieces 3.54
04. This Has Got To Stop 4.28
05. Don't You Make Me High 2.51
06. In The Midnight 5.01
07. Stop Drinkin' 4.30
08. Sometimes We Cry*** 4.14
09. Precious Time 4.06
10. Brown Eyed Girl 3.58
11. Celtic New Year-> Healing Game (fades in) 5.28

***w/Shana Morrison

taped by ecj

dedicated to the reliably amazing audiences of San Francisco.

taper notes: i had just bought a new digital camera, and was toying with the
idea of bringing it to my fairly good seats... then i thought of how much i hate!:)
folks snapping away at shows, especially with the images brightly shining out
next to/ in front of you... yuck. -ah! i know what i can bring!!! old-stylie
cassette-souvie-boot action! mellow venue, crowd, and just a quick 90 minutes,
at dinner time no less...(6:45pm on ticket!) this would at least be an easy lark
to attempt.

as an 'old' taper, i haven't purchased my D-8 yet, and it's probably up to D-9
now anyway! i usually attempt various forms of low grade hackery, every decade
or so. so, it's fun to think i might have something dime worthy, in the present
sense cause god knows when it's going to happen again!!

i know a thing or two, and am always tempted to 'produce' what i have, but as an
archivist at heart audio-wise, i choose to hand over my exact image of the show,
with no alterations, except those necessary for simple listening.

the work that the folks at vantrades and vanrarities have done, and the
stunning stuff appearing here on DAD by the minute will forever be appreciated
by this old taper/van lover. i look forward and hope for any upgrade of this
material i offered here, and would love/expect this to be trumped by another
source. i just don't like changing the image of the original capture myself,
say, for the rest of the ages to hear my rendering/production decisions etc...
you got an EQ, use it i say!!

show notes: i swear i was on time, but that last 'adjustment' in the bathroom,
(i mean gear people!) caused me to watch a wonderful Did Ye Get Healed from the
back of the room... very long, so much so the aisle attendant said, "you'd
better find your seat" thanks to him, i caught the timing between Healed and Magic
nicely to squeeze in the row unperturbingly, and was up and running by mid-Magic...

the performance this night was wonderful and special in it's own right, but i found
this night to be more EXCITING than anything else. Van was so PRESENT and so
enjoying THE BAND, vocally RIPPING, it was just the perfect recipe for me to look
forward to everything else this man has offer. the world of a van show is always
ebbing, and i love that much more than i have ever regretted it, though i admit to
both... the tide is high folks. go soon.

specifics: The country stuff is wonderful, and maybe the best sounding overall on
the cassette... Moondance is an outrageous launch of hoots and cat calls from the
audience, over the most rocking yet straight up version of the song ever heard
personally. i started seeing Van in 1990, so many moondances, none like this!
another of those 'exciting' moments, ie. "wow, more please!" this came out of
a beautiful game/writing, where the release is palpable afterwards...
Van plays with the audience at the end of There Stands The Glass, and has people
laughing out loud at the lyrics to Things Have Gone To Pieces... the quietude
specialness might have been done for the evening, but the dueling vocals of Dad,
and Shana on Sometimes We Cry, was a great louder suprise to the end of the set...

audio notes: very solid/loud in the Hi-Mid/Mid range, which includes Van himself,
and the vocals seem very strong level-wise. the horns are right there as well,
but they can create a little mud in their range when going full... Roll Up Da Bass,
kill a little 16K, and it goes way up from the solid B to B+/A- imho... : )

Did Ye Get Healed - not recorded
Magic Time - missing 1st half of song, fades in
Big Blue Diamonds - missing first few seconds, fades in
Playhouse - Left Channel Flutter at very end
Things Have Gone To Pieces - MONO, flutter very evident first 45 seconds,
then deep, deep background through mid 'This Has Got To Stop'
This Has Got To Stop - MONO, flutter deep background, all flutter ends mid song
Don't You Make Me High - nothing missing, just a fade into STEREO again.
Celtic New Year - unnecessary tape flip causes a few moments lost and fade in. :(
(i thought i heard a second drop out in Midnight, but i couldn't find it again-?)

all applause, and woo's, padded -4.4dB
MONO tracks +1.5dB for smoothness