Van Morrison
Berlin, Germany - Temprodrom

Length: 90:00 min
Quality: good FM broadcast
Size: 604MB compressed (FLAC)
Complete Show: unknown
DAE in Lineage: no


01. Keep Mediocrity At Bay
02. Stranded
03. Laughing in the Wind
04. Magic Time
05. Your Cheatin' Heart
06. Naked In The Jungle
07. Talk Is Cheap
08. Cleaning Windows
09. Days Like This
10. Irish Heartbeat
11. What Am I Living
12. Playhouse
13. I Canít Stop Loving You
14. Bright Side Of The Road
15. Precious Time
16. It's All In The Game
17. Help Me
18. Celtic New Year / The Healing Game
19. Gloria

FM live broadcast (Radio1) (analog cable)
-> analog Sony DAT DTC-60ES w/ SBM (A>D @ 44.1kHz)
-> optical Edirol UA-1D @ Mac mini
-> Audio Hijack Pro / AIFF recording @ 44.1kHz
-> Wavelab 3.0 / fades / normalizing (see comments)
-> CD WAVE Editor Track splitting
-> FLAC files

There is some background noise noticeable sometimes. I think this comes from the broadcast signal as I never heard this before with the same recording setup.