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The Sage,
2 December 2006

01 Itís My Own Business [*, NE]
02 Wonderful Remark
03 Cleaning Windows >
Boppiní The Blues
04 Foggy Mountain Top
05 Bright Side Of The Road
06 Stranded
07 Have I Told You Lately [Las Vegas version]
08 There Stands The Glass
09 Goiní Down Geneva >
Brand New Cadillac
10 Beautiful Vision
11 Moondance
12 I Canít Stop Loving You

01 Iím Not Feeling It Anymore
02 Precious Time {scat ending]
03 Itís All In The Game >
You Know What Theyíre Writing About >
Make It Real One More Time
04 Real Real Gone >
You Send Me
05 Wild Night
06 Brown Eyed Girl
07 Gloria

The Van Morrison Band : The Crawford Bell Singers - [Crawford Bell : acoustic guitar on all except Stranded, I Canít Stop Loving You, Precious Time and Gloria and trumpet on Moondance and Have I Told You Lately, Karen Hamill (tambourine on Brown Eyed Girl), Janeen Withers (no singers on opening number)], Ned Edwards, Tony Fitzgibbon, Sarah Jory, Jeff Leach, Paul Moore, Neal Wilkinson. Guest : Martin Winning.

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