Van Morrison
24 AUGUST 2007

CD01 :
01 I Love My Baby [*, CF]
02 This Love Of Mine
03 Magic Time
04 Have I Told You Lately [Las Vegas version]
05 Early In The Morning (ĎBout The Break Of Day)
06 Bright Side Of The Road [Satchmo ending]
07 Cry For Home [CF]
08 Hey Mr. DJ [CF]
09 Little Village
10 Iím Not Feeling It Anymore
11 Sometimes We Cry [CF]
12 Stranded [CF]
13 Playhouse

CD02 :
01 I Canít Stop Loving You
02 Donít Start Crying Now >
Custard Pie
03 Precious Time [scat ending]
04 Tupelo Honey [CF]
05 Itís All Over Now, Baby Blue [CF]
06 Brown Eyed Girl
07 Stand By Me [CF]

The Van Morrison Band : The Crawford Bell Singers [not on opening number] - [Crawford Bell : acoustic guitar on Bright Side Of The Road, Iím Not Feeling It Anymore, Playhouse,
Donít Start Crying Now, Itís All Over Now, Baby Blue, and Brown Eyed Girl and trumpet on This Love Of Mine and Have I Told You Lately; Janeen Daly : tambourine on Brown Eyed Girl; Karen Hamill], Ned Edwards, Tony Fitzgibbon [mandolin on Little Village and Brown Eyed Girl], Sarah Jory [banjo on Bright Side Of The Road], Paul Moore, Paul Moran, Neal Wilkinson. Van plays piano on I Canít Stop Loving You.

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