Festival Of Voice
Donald Gordon Theatre
Wales Millenium Centre
7 JUNE 2016
1h 36m
:Celtic Swing
:Close Enough For Jazz
:Higher Than The World
:Magic Time
:Keep It Simple
:By His Grace
:In The Midnight
:The Beauty Of Ihe Days Gone By [BT]
:Shenandoah [BT]
:Whenever God Shines His Light
:Someone Like You
:Wild Night
:In The Afternoon >
Ancient Highway >
Joe Turner Sings >
Burn Baby Burn >
:Brown Eyed Girl
:Carrying A Torch
:Help Me

Van Morrison : lead vocals, guitars, alto saxophone, harmonicas
The Van Morrison Band : Liam Bradley : drums; Dave Keary : guitar; Dana Masters : lead & backing vocals; Paul Moore : bass; Paul Moran : keyboards, trumpet
Special Guest : Bryn Terfel [BT] : lead vocals

Recorded by Graf Ritmo on Edirol R09 with 2 Sony ECM-C10 mics. Sent to petomane on 2 discs. To HD with EAC > Adobe Audition > edited for continuous flow at CD join and end. Normalised and nothing else. Flacced with TLH to level 6.

Some lovely stuff here!