9 JUNE 2016
1h 39m
:Celtic Swing
:Close Enough For Jazz
:Magic Time
:By His Grace
:Someone Like You
:Baby Please Don't Go >
Don't Start Crying Now
:Here Comes The Night
:Sometimes We Cry
:Wild Night
:Crazy Love
:Whenever God Shines His Light
:Keep It Simple
:Think Twice Before You Go
:Real Real Gone
:The Beauty Of The Days Gone By
:Brown Eyed Girl
:Did Ye Get Healed? >
Yeh, Yeh [instr]
:Help Me

Van Morrison : lead vocals, guitars, alto saxophone, harmonicas
The Van Morrison Band : Liam Bradley : drums; Dave Keary : guitar; Dana Masters : lead & backing vocals; Paul Moore : bass; Paul Moran : keyboards, trumpet

Recorded by IJMJ - from Row K centre next to the mixing desk.

Used : Zoom H1 using internal mics recorded at 24 bit/48000 Hz > Wavelab 8 Le > flac at level: 8 (Preset as flac hq). Converted by petomane33 to wave using Replay Converter, and Adobe Audition to boost levels, top and tail and normalise. TLH for all other operations.