Van Morrison

Culloden Estate & Spa
Cultra, Holywood, Northern Ireland
Sunday, September 18, 2016

Here Comes The Night - The Autumn Sessions - Night 1

Sony M10 Recorder - Internal Mics
Wav file recorded in 24 bit/44kHz
Audience Digital Master
Taping location is approximately left/back - small venue
Taper - Avalondan
Mastering - ninjadave

16BIT Version

SET LIST [101:01]

01 - All Saints Day [3:00]
02 - Magic Time [4:41]
03 - Too Late [2:43]
04 - Keep It Simple [3:32]
05 - Tore Down A La Rimbaud [4:24]
06 - Foreign Window [3:59]
07 - Whenever God Shines His Light [4:29]
08 - Someone Like You [3:40]
09 - Have I Told You Lately (Vegas Version) [4:15]
10 - Sometimes We Cry [4:13]
11 - Baby Please Don't Go/Don't Start Crying Now/Here Comes The Night [7:25]
12 - Cleaning Windows [4:48]
13 - Precious Time [3:09]
14 - In The Afternoon/Raincheck Reverie/Sittin' Pretty [13:18]
15 - Wild Night [3:48]
16 - Its All In The Game/Burning Ground [13:37]
17 - Help Me [3:33]
18 - Gloria [12:18]


The internal mics captured the show quite well. These mics were pretty sensitive so the levels
for the most part were good on the recording. Very minor vocal bursts that bricked slightly that
I couldn't do much with. They are pretty infrequent.

My brother had a great trip to Ireland and Northern Ireland. He recorded all 4 shows that Van
performed that week (his idea!!). The 17th, 18th, 19th and 21st were all performed at the
Culloden Resort, which is a stunning place. Night one is up already, the other two coming in short
time. Each unique and each taped from different locations. For his first real taping adventure, he did
extremely well. The shows were small, 300 or so, in a dinner ballroom type setting. A beautiful
room. Van got down to business this night with an appreciative crowd who got to see a deep set list
and some excellent workshops. Morrison finished "In the Afternoon" with a new reverie that could have
gone on forever. Something for everybody here. Morrison showcasing all his strengths. The setlists are
diverse and high energy and the last show a real treat IMO. Enjoy!!!

Upped by ninjadave - October 2016