Van Morrison
compilation of 'B-side' tracks from ep singles releases and various
11. 4% patntomime from the Band's Cahoots release and
12. Never get out of these blues alive from John Lee Hooker's release of the same name.


1. Tell Me
2. Sax Intrumental #1
3. John Brown's Body
4. I'm Ready
5. Go on without you
6. Old black magic
7. Yo
8. Look what the good people done to you
9. At the end of the day
10. Full force gale '96
- removed: 11. 4% pantomime
- removed: 12. Never get out of thes blues Alive
13. Cleaning windows (live)
14. Whenever god shines his light (live)
15. It fills you up (live)
16. County Down (live)
17. See me through (live)

1-4 Back on Top single
5-7 Days Like These single
8-9 Days Like These single (Japanese ed)
10 Healing Game single
11 w/ the Band from Cahoots
12 w/ John Lee Hooker from Never Get out of these blues Alive
13 Cleaning Windows single
14-17 Gloria single

uploader's lineage: trade bonus cd data flacs (thanks Uwe!) files dated Jan 2011 > harddrive > upload
thanks to the artists, tapers, rippers and sharers! enjoy!

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