Vance Kelly
2014-06-07 2Nd Set
Chicago, Il

A Chicagoblues Recording

Lineage: Sony D-50 Int Mics Xy>16 441>Memorystick>Hd>Cdwav Splits>Tlh>Flac8
Location: 10 Feet High, On Center 4X4 Post

I Just Bought A Barely Used Sony D50 Recorder Very Cheap. This Was The 1St
Time I Used It At B.L.U.E.S. Where I Exclusivley Use My R-09Hr. Needless To
Say I Was Quite Pleased With The Outcome. The Mics And The Sound Were Just
Sharper Than With The R-09Hr. I Will Continue To Use The R-09Hr Due To The
Size And Weight Of The D50. My Fellow Taping Buddy And Dime Member, Mike,
Happened To Be Recording The Kinsey Report At The Kingston Mines Across The
Street. (As Was I) I Got Him Into B.L.U.E.S. To See Record Vance Kelly's 3Rd

Vance Kelly Has Been Around The Chicago Blues Scene For Many Years. He Is Best
Known For His Soulful Up Beat Renditions Of Classic R&B, Soul And Funk. He Can
Get A Crowd Wild And Dancing. In Bars, That Means They Drink And The Owners Love It.
Its A Well Known Fact The He Is Also A Very Good Guitar Player And Blues Musician.

Enough Of My Needless Ramblings.. Enjoy Some Good Soulful, Funked Up Music. (With A Dash Of Blues)

01) I Aint Got Nobody
02) Mustang Sally
03) My Girl
04) We Got The Funk
05) I'd Rather Be With You
06) Rap>Superstitious>
07) >Just Enough For The City
08) Dont Let The Green Grass Fool You
09) Vance Talks, Tunes Guitar
10) Happy Birthday>Garbage Man Blues ?
11) Lets Get It On> Sexual Healing>Lets Get In On Ending> Mark Outro

Do Support Vance, Buy His Music And See Him Live

Do Not Buy Or Sell This Recording
Do Not Convert To Any Lossy Format

Do Record Atleast 3.14 Blues Festivals This Year