The Vanguards & Omar and the Howlers: December 23, 1989-AntoneÕs-Austin, TX-Blues Review Live Series FM Broadcast

The KPEZ-FM Blues Review Live Series, broadcast during the late 1980s and early 1990s, featured many of AustinÕs and AmericaÕs premier blues acts. This was a very special treat for Austin radio fans, and now, for Dime members.

Explanatory Note: Willis, a great mate in Austin, sent me a big box of cassettes that he taped off the radio in Austin during the 1980s and 1990s. Many of these were concerts that KPEZ-FM, Z102, recorded at AntoneÕs nightclub and other venues as part of their weekly Blues Review Live series. Some of these shows have specific dates written on the cassettes, others do not. I will make every effort to determine the missing dates. If someone has a complete list of the shows that KPEZ-FM broadcast, they can PM me, and IÕll make good use of it. Otherwise, it will be best guess on some of these dates. I also make a best guess on some of these set lists. If anyone has more specific info or corrections on the set lists, please post them, thank you!

The lineage for all of these tapes is: FM>cassette>Tascam 122MKIII (playback head azimuth-adjusted for each tape)>Wire Tap Studio (44.1Hz, 16-bit AIFF) >Peak>xACT>flac.

A note about my internet connection: I am using a connection at work, which is firewalled, so I appreciate your patience on this.

The Vanguards: CD One
1) I Must Be Dreaming
2) Big Old Bear
3) LetÕs Shake
4) DonÕt Leave Me
5) Street of Dreams
6) Walking in a Straight Line
7) Band Intros-Leading Me On
8) One Thing
9) Hollywood
10) Writing on the Wall
11) The Hot Tub Song
12) Skinny Minnie

Omar and the Howlers: CD Two
13) Mississippi Hoodoo Man
14) Big Town Shakedown (cut-tape flip)
15) Think of You
16) Loud Mouth Woman
17) East Side Blues
18) Carol
19) Cutie Little Cutie Named Judie
20) Worry, Worry, Worry
21) WhatÕs the Matter With the Meal?
22) Sleeping in the Ground
23) Border Girl & Rattlesnake Shake (cut-tape flip)

Omar Dykes: guitar & vocals
Gene Brandon: drums
John Edmond: Guitar
Bruce Jones: bass