Downtown Bluesclub, Hamburg, Germany
July - 16 - 2003
"The Return" Show

Rec. Info:
OKM2R -> Sony Hi-MD MR RH1->Sonic stage->Cool edit pro -> WAV -> CDRs -> EAC (SM) -> WAV* -> TLH8 -> FLAC -> DIME-> YOUR EARS AND MIND...
Recorded by Mr Marmot from stage edge, and I think he did a fine job. * A bit of rework was done, a few clicks removed (there are still some), the fades between the CDrs were eliminated.
Still, Mr Bogert's bass is sometimes a bit boomy, otherwise a great recording, much better than the Burg Herzberg a few days later. The delicate CD artwork is included as Pdf file.

Spacey's notes:
This was one (and the first) of only two times I saw this magnificient band. It's also a big contrast to the outdoor show a few days later, with one major (disturbing) exception: Both shows were held
under almost unbearable heat. Remember this was in midth of the "Europen heatwave 2003" with weeks of temperatures close to 40+C and nighttime not less than 25+C. The small Downtown club was packed to the
limit and so it was an even worse experience. But - the music was mindblowing.
I felt immediately in love with them when I first got a listen in the late 70's, introduced by such great teenage-angst hymns like "You keep me hanging on" which propelled simple poptunes into something really
weird and - beautiful. As Hamburg was an often visit for me back in those days, I took the chance to catch them twice in four days. And lucky even more that there was a friend of a friend who taped them.
So I got access to a beautiful created 2CDr Set a few weeks after the concert. For my knowledge there are only four (4!) sets ever "produced" and as the taper was/is not active in tapercircles, this recording
is most likely uncirculated - until now. The reason why it was shelved for so long is quite easy to explain: The CDrs got stored away in a box some years ago when I decided to go back to vinyl (and external drives).
Most CDs I've sold, and many were given away for free during my move in 2019, but some I kept for personal reasons. So in the dark shade of Mr. Bogert's passing I remembered this recording...and here it is now.
Not the original lineup which was to surface later, but anyway, this is a damn hot show. Enjoy! SB

FULL SHOW (87:35 min.)

01. Introduction (1:40)
02. Good good livin' (6:04)
03. Take me for a little while (4:23)
04. Ain't that peculiar (6:26)
05. People get ready (7:36)
06. Shotgun (incl. Carmine Appice solo) (10:46)
07. Tim Bogert solo (7:28)
08. Tearin' up my heart (10:44)
09. She's not there (5:49)
10. Some velvet morning > Season of the witch (15:26)
11. Do ya think I'm sexy (11:43)
12. You keep me hangin' on (9:44)
--- Encore ---
13. You can't do that (6:40)

Line up:

Tim Bogert - bass, vocals (RIP)
Carmine Appice - drums, vocals
Teddy Rondinelli - guitar, vocals
Bill Pascali - keyboards, vocals

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