Vanilla Fudge
The Tralf NY
February 1, 2012

16 bit version

Taper: Bigdaddybflo
Gear: Church Audio CA11 mics > Tascam DR-07
Mastered by }{eywood
Lineage: wav @ 24/48 > plugin enhanced Adobe Audition 1.5 (EQ, normalization, track splitting, conversion to 16/44.1) > TLH (SBE fix, flac 8)

Very good recording. The master was recorded really hot and had some treble end distortion from clipping. I repaired that with Acon Studio Clean.

Personally I don't understand the interest with this band. They're a cover band just like the ones you see in every bar in the world every weekend. How they got signed to a recording contract I'm not certain. Sure they're pretty good (even the drum solo is hot), but they're still a cover band.

01 Ticket To Ride
02 People Get Ready
03 She's Not There
04 Bang Bang (Shot My Baby Down)
05 Take Me For A Little While
06 Elanor Rigby
07 Shotgun
08 Season of the Witch
09 You Keep Me Hangin' On