Norje, SWE
Sweden Rock Festival

source: audience recording, Zoom H2
length: 84.09

This year I was preoccupied with working at the festival
and didn't think I would have time to record anything. I
brought the machine anyway though and wound up taping
some shows I didn't think anyone else would grab. I
didn't put much work into it as I usually do, I just
turned on the machine. This is the third of the five
shows I taped. It turned out fair but with lots of talkers
around me it was hard to capture an EX recording.

Pretty good set, Season of the witch was really magic and
the overall feeling was very psychedelic. I enjoyed it!

01 I�m a believer
02 Break on through (to the other side)
03 She�s not there
04 Let�s pray for peace
05 Good good lovin'
06 Take me for a little while
07 Gimme some lovin�
08 Shotgun / drum solo
09 Season of the witch
10 Dazed and confused / keyboard solo
11 You keep me hangin� on

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