VassarClements1991-01-13.sbd1.New Haven info

Vassar Clements 1991-01-13
Cape Codder, New Haven, CT

source: sbd> nak bx1 recorded by Glenn L.
lineage: nak bx125 no dobly> nak bx300 no dobly. 1st gen xlII 90.
Transfer: Dragon nr-out>Ayre QA-9>24-96 wav>Audacity>r8brain>TLH>flac16. taperchuck oct 2016/Aug 2019.

set 1
01 introduction
02 instrumental
03 Sweet Temptation (Merl Travis)
04 instrumental
05 I Know You Rider
07 Take the A Train
08 I Got Kin Folk in Carolina
09 untitled tune in C (New Haven?)
10 When your Sweetheart Ain't Around
11 Take this Hammer ??
12 Windjammer (Vassar Clements)
13 Make You Mine

set 2
15 the Heritect (or "old Joe Clark")
16 anncmt
17 Route 66
18 Listen to the Mockingbird
19 On and On (Bill Monroe)
20 anncmt
22 Chattanooga Choo Choo
23 Lonesome Fiddle Blues (Vassar)
25 Blue Night ??
26 Orange Blossom Special
27 Tennesse Waltz
28 Midnight Moonlight

Vassar Clements fiddle, vocals [ joins after IKYR ] [out t01-t05,t14-15]
Joe Dai ?sp pedal steel guitar
Bob Harris guitar
Gary Olliard bass, various insts, vocals
BD Muldune harp

total time=2:15:26.
Soundboard recorded by Glenn L. (R.I.P.).