Vassar Clements, Laurel Theater, Knoxville TN 3-8-97 (never before available)
Audience Recording: (analog cassette tape to digital transfer) 41.1khz, 16bit
Recorded and rendered by David Emanuel

As far as I know I�m the only one who has this recording. The Laurel theater was an old church near the U.T. Campus in Knoxville, first built as the Fort Sanders Presbyterian Church, constructed in 1898. It was later used as the auditorium of the now defunct, alternative School, Laurel High School until about 10 years ago with it being shared as a community center, and it is still used as the Jubilee Community Center today. It is a small auditorium, at that time, with folding chairs. The acoustics are very lively - you can hear a pen drop. More information on this theater can be found here:

I recall the evening that Vassar was at Laurel; a sunny, warm evening in early March - Spring was certainly on its way! I�m not sure if there was another group playing this night or not because his performance was right at 80 minutes � somewhat short, but just enough to fit onto one CD. There is a lot of crowd noise and clapping. I tried to edit this as much as possible without lowering levels too much to impact the recording of the great sound obtained. The master tape of this recording was found in my basement closet just recently after a good friend of mine and I had discussed the �Old And In The Way� recordings with Garcia, Rowan, Clements and others, and we both recalled that Vassar had played in Knoxville where we live. Upon finding the tape, I quickly transferred it to digital format, listening as I went- the first time this concert has been listened to in over 20 years! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!!

Lineage/edits: Audience recording � from the back (center) of the auditorium with Sony WMD-3 Pro Walkman with ECM-909 Microphone (120 degrees stereo separation on a mic stand) onto TDK SA-100 (Dolby B) with a quick flip to side B and immediately pressing record again > Sony WMD-6 to Computer (dubbed at normal speed via Realtek High Definition Audio Card in Windows 10) > Captured to WAV 41.1khz/16bit /Normalizing/Loud Clapping/Flipped track Splicing & fades/other anomaly Edits with Cool Edit software > CD Wave Editor for Tracking > Trader�s Little Helper for FLAC Files, Fingerprints and the Torrent.

The Show (and files):
1. VC-97-3-8-01 Tuning
2. VC-97-3-8-02 Hillbilly Jazz
3. VC-97-3-8-03 Band Intro
4. VC-97-3-8-04 Swing Street
5. VC-97-3-8-05 Boogie
6. VC-97-3-8-06 There Ain�t No Cows in Texas
7. VC-97-3-8-07 (Banter)
8. VC-97-3-8-08 Midnight Moonlight
9. VC-97-3-8-09 Hobo Song
10. VC-97-3-8-10 Say Goodbye to The Blues
11. VC-97-3-8-11 High Lonesome Sound
12. VC-97-3-8-12 Walkin� In His Footsteps
13. VC-97-3-8-13 Black Mountain Rag
14. VC-97-3-8-14 Bill Bailey (Won�t You Please Come Home)
15. VC-97-3-8-15 Lonesome Fiddle Blues
16. VC-97-3-8-16 My Sweet Love Ain�t Around
17. VC-97-3-8-17 (Banter)
18. VC-97-3-8-18 Patty On the Turnpike


The Band:
Vassar Clements � Fiddle, Vocals
Reggie Harris- Guitar
Boyd Derring � Bass (mandolin?)
Rich Campbell- Guitar, Vocals
Joe Turrey � Piano, Sax, Other Instruments?, Vocals