In between zillions of indie rock releases Velojet's "Panorama" managed to leave a bigger impression on me with its mixture of danceable beats, psychedelic keyboard sounds ranging from magic-mystery-tour-Beatles and Stereolab to Great Gianna Sisters played on a Commodore 64, a dry Hoefner bass sound and spacy, Al-Stewart-like vocals topped by great songwriting.

By chance I glimpsed into the local newspaper (I usually don't) where I was informed they were going to play my hometown tonight!!

Surprisingly, the ~30 people there were my age (40+), no big difference to the Birth Control show some weeks before. It turned out a lot of them were parents of the support band 'Smells like Grandma': not bad either but from a different, alternative-punky and very loud planet. So our ears were deafened a bit when the much quieter Velojet (from Austria) started but the parents were polite enough to stay and seemed to enjoy what they heard. The didn't go crazy but when the band started to look a bit sad they did their best to encourage them.

The recording sounds fine if you ignore the first song. ~60 seconds of the Prelude (from tape) are missing.

zoom h1 -> wav 44/24 -> micro sd card -> PC -> master (wavelab) -> wav 44/16 - > flac
mastering: high range boost, volume boost

recorded ~4m (1st row!) from stage center by the fearless endoplasmatic wannerl

Prelude 0:38
Don't lose your Head 3:37
Away! Away!! 3:44
Trust me 4:46
The Sea is the Ocean is the Sea 4:58
Angeldust 4:31
Leading a Life 7:47
Cold Hands 4:11
? (maybe "Flow Child") 5:53
? 7:20 (includig short encore brak)
Sharks 5:40
I follow my Heart 5:50

Rene Mühlberger - voc, git, perc, kb
Marlene Lachersdorfer - bass, kb, voc
Lisi Neuhold - kb, voc
Michael Flatz-Lind - drum

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