The Velvet Undergound
La Cave, Cleveland 2 October 1968
"Problems in Urban Living", mixed

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01 Move Right In
02 I Can't Stand In
03 What Goes On
04 Waiting For My Man
05 Pale Blue Eyes
06 Foggy Notion
07 Heroin
08 Jesus
09 Venus In Furs
10 Beginning To See The Light
11 Sister Ray
12 The Story of My Life


13 I'm Waiting For My Man (La Cave 31 January 1969)

I'd read how the 1968 concerts were supposed to be among VU's best, but the quality - for example of the Boston Tea Party recordings - was always a letdown for me, such that I would rarely, if ever, really want
to listen.

This isn't bad, and with a little mixing isn't far off off the New Hampshire 1969 gig for quality in my opinion.

Like with Lou's 70's versions of the song, there's wonderful organ on "Heroin" here.

This sounds a lot clearer to my ears now, and hopefully you'll find something you'll like here too.

Samples are attached below to show before and after mixing this.