Velvet Underground 1968-12-01 Cleveland Audience Recording Reseed

QUALITY WARNING: this is a primitive recording! Listen to the samples.

Public Music Hall

01 December 1968

01: Heroin 5.56
02: What Goes On 3.29
03: Waiting For The Man 6.40
04: Pale Blue Eyes 5.39
05: I'm Set Free 4.04
06: Sister Ray 18.34

Lou Reed: guitar, vocals
Sterling Morrison: guitar
Doug Yule: bass, organ, vocals
Moe Tucker: drums

lineage: unknown generation trade cassette - WAV - FLAC (level 8) - you

original recording engineeer unknown
digital transfer by lurid_uk
uploaded October 2007 by lurid_uk
RESEEDED December 2012 by lurid_uk

artwork included + scans of press ads for this show

This primitive audience recording has long circulated under a variety of different dates - 30/11/68, 10/69 etc etc, but Olivier Landemaine has collated the research carried out by Aral Sezen and others and concluded that the correct date is Sunday 01 December 1968. The Velvet Underground are 2nd on the bill, supporting Canned Heat and the gig was advertised in the local press as "an all afternoon show". Lou and the band started their set off with "Heroin"!
"What Goes On" is given a very cursory run-through and "Waiting For The Man" is a slow bluesy drawl. "Pale Blue Eyes" and "I'm Set Free" are just like the LP versions with Lou's very precise vocals (this is probably the 1st recorded live performance of "I'm Set Free"). "Sister Ray" is relatively short at below 19 mins, but is the usual frantic journey down into depravity and dissonance.

I've always wondered how Canned Heat felt having to follow a set like that on a Sunday afternoon!

Quality is very poor, even by Velvets bootleg tape standards. I'm not sure if this was a "Jamie Klimek" recording or not. The other recordings attributed to him are all much clearer than this one.


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