Velvet Underground 1969-07-11 Boston 1St Generation "Professor" Audience Recording No Flac Errors

"...the Judy Garlands of Rock...." (Village Voice July 17th 1969)

Boston Tea Party

disc 1

D101: Waiting For The Man (9:27)
D102: Jesus (3:59)
D103: Run Run Run (16:14)
D104: I'm Set Free (6:24)
D105: White Light/White Heat (7:15)
D106: Candy Says (5:06)
D107: Pale Blue Eyes (7:47)

disc 2

D201: Beginning To See The Light (8:51)
D202: Sister Ray/Murder Mystery (22:28)

Lou Reed: guitar, vocals
Sterling Morrison: guitar
Doug Yule: bass, organ, vocals
Moe Tucker: drums

lineage: master reels > 10" reels (7-1/2ips, w/ modest EQ) > AIFF > FLAC > WAV > FLAC (level 8)

original audience recording by the "professor"
tape preservation, digital transfer and track splitting courtesy our very, very best friend, Sheila Klein
uploaded to Dime December 2012 by lurid_uk

artwork included

July 11th 1969 was the last show the Velvets would play at the original venue for their "second home", the Boston Tea Party. This recording was made by the "Professor", who reputedly smuggled his reel-reel recorder into the venue under a large poncho.

The sound quality of this recording is a bit rougher than any of the Professor's other VU recordings, but it's another great show. Fast and slow songs alternate, with "Waiting" clocking in at over 7 mins and "Run" a 15 minute feedback frenzy (the longest extant live rendition?). Even "Beginning" lasts over 6 minutes. Lou's vocals on "Pale Blue Eyes" are particularly nice (I wish he'd sung "Candy Says" in the same way rather than relegating it to Doug's sugar-coated approach). As usual, Sister Ray closes proceedings with a bang ".....this is gonna take a while....".

I understand that the Professor's master reels are now in the possession of Universal Music Group, and were transferred and mastered for potential release as part of the "Bootleg Series". It seems unlikely that that will ever happen now, so this 1st generation copy is as good as it's gonna get.....


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