Velvet Underground "Dallas Days" 18 or 19 October 1969 after-show jam session READ THESE WARNINGS: 1: there are NO VOCALS on this recording 2: it is probable that Lou Reed and Moe Tucker are the only members of the VU present on this recording 3: the sound quality of this material is markedly inferior to the extracts from it which have previously circulated on bootleg CD The End Cole Avenue Dallas 18 or 19 October 1969 disc 1 01: 12.57 02: 4.30 03: 5.29 04: 8.13 05: 8.04 06: 6.53 disc 2 01: 12.36 02: 4.09 03: 12.03 04: 7.07 05: 8.37 Lou Reed: guitar (some tracks) Moe Tucker: guitar (some tracks), drums (?) Hans Onsager: drums (some tracks) Jeff Leegood: bass (some tracks) + ???: guitar + ???: guitar + ???: bass + ???: drums original recording engineer: Jeff Leegood edit and transfer to CDR courtesy OL uploaded to Dime April 2009 by lurid_uk lineage: 3rd or 4th generation cassette (?) - CDR - EAC (secure mode) - wav - flac (level 8) - you Jeff Leegood recorded the Velvet Underground concerts in Dallas on both 18th and 19th October 1969, and those recordings were eventually released by Aulica as bootleg CDs in the early 1990s. Jeff also recorded (and participated in!) an informal jam session which was held after one of the shows: extracts from that recording were included on the "End Cole Avenue" 2CD set. I received a 90 min cassette tape of the (complete?) jam session directly from Guido Piccinetti, the Italian fan who had been the main "conduit" between DAT copies of the original concert tapes and Abraxus/Aulica Records. The copy I received was clearly inferior in quality to the "extracts" which were released by Aulica, but Guido died in a car crash before I could ask him why this was the case. I always wondered about the circumstances of the "jam session", so in 2003, I contacted Mr Leegood to ask him about who was actually present that night. This was his response: ##### Hello Gordon, well it was anybody who had stayed around to drink some beer and what have you. They only had one roadie, his name is Hans, he played some drums on the jam. Moe played some lead, so did Lou and people would just play for awhile put it down someone else would pick it up. Lou and Moe were the only members of the VU to play on the jam. Hell I even played some really bad bass for a little bit. People played till the cops showed up , seems we were getting a little too loud for the time of day. Hope this helps, Jeff ##### some interesting scans included: 1. flyer for the shows 2. the original cassette as received from Guido 3. photo: Guido Piccinetti posing at the Cartier Foundation Warhol Exhibition, Paris, 15 June 1990 (that's Sterling Morrison being interviewed in the background!) 4. "Velvet Underground: Music and Mystique Unveiled" by Phil Morris, Circus June 1970 5. "The Insects of Someone Else's Thoughts" by Geoffrey Cannon, Zig Zig March 1971 6. "Dead Lie The Velvets Underground" by Lester Bangs, Creem May 1971 7. "White Light/Dark Shadows" by Robert Hull, Creem July 1981 Share the music!