VU Oct.18th 69 The first night Bootleg
The Velvet Underground Live at End Cole Ave Dallas/Texas Oct. 18th 1969

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SilverCD--Nero-wav--flac Frontend lev 8--you
Artwork incl.
Officell Tracks removed (XXX o.r.)
No Soundworks from my side!

Second try...the first time i post it unfortunately the show was banned
because the same show was on the tracker (death)
This Show is not so rare...but so many people try to leech them
last time....
For all these ladies & we go again!

CD 1
1--Its just to much
2--Waiting for the man
3--I cant stand it
4--Iam set free
5--Beginning to see the light
7--Venus in Furs
8--What goes on
10-Ill be your mirror
11-Femme Fatale

CD 2
1--Pale blue eyes
2--Candy says
4--Story of my life
5--I found a reason
6--Sunday Morning

8--The countess from Hong Kong---XXX o.r.
9--Ride into the sun---XXX o.r.
10-Real good time together---XXX o.r.
11-I found a reason---XXX o.r.

12- End cole ave jam