VELVET UNDERGOUND 1970-04-17 Springfield audience recording drummerless

the VU play as a trio!

QUALITY WARNING: this is a poor quality (but very interesting) recording

"The Woodrose"
Paramount Theatre

01: Instrumental (3.11)
02: Waiting For The Man (5.08)
03: Some Kinda Love (3.46)
04: Sweet Jane (5.20)
05: Lisa Says (3.58)
06: Oh Gin (1.11)
07: Foggy Notion (5.35)
08: New Age (5.57)
09: Beginning To See The Light (5.13)
10: Candy Says (4.11)
11: Heroin (8.41)

Lou Reed: vocals, guitar
Sterling Morrison: guitar
Doug Yule: bass, organ, vocals, cowbell, drums (on Heroin?)

Tracks 01 - 10: CDR copy of "After The White Heat" bootleg - WAV - FLAC (level 8) - you
Track 11: unknown generation cassette - Pioneer CT-S670D player - WAV - FLAC (level 8) - you

artwork included

The circumstances of this concert are described in some detail in the superb book "White Light White Heat" by Ritchie Unterberger. Included in there is the revelation that part of the show (Candy Says and most of Heroin) was filmed!

Without a drummer, the focus is on the quieter songs. While the sound quality is very poor, the performance itself is very interesting, catching the band just at the start of the recording sessions for "Loaded". The lyrics for Sweet Jane and New Age are almost (but not quite) in their final form.


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