velvet underground Max's 1970-08 Freeman recording samples

Up To Lexington 0.33
Make Me Go Blind 0.37
Rolling On The Ground 0.54
Rodeo 0.32
If You Broke My Heart 0.47
Heavenly Wine And Roses 0.51
Over The Hill 1.05
C Blues 0.52
Lou Reed You Know You Won't Get Far 0.37
By The Sea 0.58
Twisted And Unkind 0.47
It'll Be All Right 1.05
Always Disfigured 0.49
Out On The Street 0.58
On The Carpet 0.46

The Joseph Freeman tape

Joseph Freeman: "I recorded an entire set at Max's (around the same time as Polk's). The tape was recorded on a Sony TCS-124 a portable stereo cassette recorder with an external single stereo mic. The quality of the tape is very good and has never been bootlegged. I may be interested in having this tape surface as a legitimate release".

[source: message posted in the Velvet Underground Discussion Forum on March 2, 1999]