The Velvet Underground 1993-06-09

The Velvet Underground (sound upgrade)live at Ahoy' Sportpaleis, Rotterdam, Netherlands holland 1993-06-09

sound upgrade

again of the master tape ,

I want make a digital copy , but the sony pcm d50 said no digital copy ,

it was recorded long play 32 bit too , there can the sony pcm d50 not with work think I,

then take I sony es55 DAT , I have there 3 , but no one want to work , then have I one repair

and thy I the digital input of my sound card , and yes he want to work with 32 bit ,

so put I it on my pc , but the sound is out of phase , I turn the phase on 180 degrees ,

there after edited I it , all was 2 days hard work for my , with all the problems,

on this way make I too sound upgrade of the Lou Reed live - Congresgebouw,city The Hague Holland 1992.

you think here how is the sound now , I said you maybe is the best live recording of The Velvet Underground of the world,

who make there cover ??? for this show

taped by Ane (flipp022)

Audience recording

recorder sony tcd 3 DAT

microfones homemade 1983

flac level 8

the sound is great on sure


01.We're Gonna Have A Real Good Time Together

02.Venus In Furs

03.Guess I'm Falling In Love


05.All Tomorrow's Parties

06.Some Kinda Love

07.I'll Be Your Mirror

08.Beginning To See The Light

09.The Gift

10.I Heard Her Call My Name

11.Femme Fatale

12.Hey Mr. Rain

13.Sweet Jane

14.Velvet Nursery Rhyme

15.White Light/White Heat

16.I'm Sticking With You

17.The Black Angel's Death Song

18.Rock And Roll

19.I'm Waiting For The Man

20.Pale Blue Eyes



Total DURATION: 02:12:00 + -

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