The Velvet Underground - Glastonbury Festival Friday 25th June 1993 (D6C - First gen. 44.1/ 24 bit)

Equipment used; Sony Professional D6C Walkman/ Unknown Microphone

Transfer; 1st generation cassette (TDK 90).Yamaha KX - W262>Edirol R-09 @ 44.1 hz/24 Bit>Audiocity (Noise Removal)>Flac 8

01 - Sweet Jane
02 - Some Kinda Love
03 - All Tomorrow's Parties
04 - Venus in Furs
05 - Begining to See the Light
06 - Heroin
07 - Hey Mr. Rain
08 - After Hours
09 - White Light/White Heat
10 - Rock & Roll
11 - I'm Waiting for the Man
12 - I Can't Stand It

A great recording my friend actually stole off a bootleg stall in Glastonbury! Now that's what you call a liberated boot.

The guys used to record the shows at glastonbury and use a small motorbike to get them to the stall. They'd whack them into a high speed dubbing machine and the cassettes would be avialable to purchase about 30 mins after the show.

This is great quality. I know they defintley used a Sony Professional but have no idea where they stood. I used Audiocity to try to remove the noise generated by the dubbing box and but this took out too many other frequencies so I've left it untouched.

Enjoy TB!