Velvet Underground 1966-XX-XX Poor Richard's Chicago ??

Exploding Plastic Inevitable Show

This tape came labelled from a trader as 1966-06-23 but only the first two tracks are from that gig?

Lineage: cassette (from a Trader 20 odd years ago, generation unknown) > Goldwave> FLAC> you

Source: unknown


01. Venus In Furs (J Cale vocals) (03:12) *** OMITTED ***
02. Heroin (J Cale vocals) (05:04) *** OMITTED ***
03. It Was a Pleasure Then (1) (00:46)
04. European Son (06:53)
05. It Was a Pleasure Then (2) (00:48)
06. Improvisation (1) (09:03) - sample in comments
07. Improvisation (2) (27:50)

*** OMITTED *** AS ALREADY APPEAR ON "DISPATCHES FROM THE DREAM FACTORY PART 1" - tracks 14 & 15. as upped by Roofvogel.


from what I can hear Lou may be on some of these tracks after 01 and 02 so may be one or more separate gigs?
Certainly tracks 01-02 (omitted) are Poor Richard's but 03-07 probably a different gig ?, but I've no idea where or when

track 04 just sounds like the record with loads of chatter and audience noise over the top

tracks 03 and 05 may well actually be the same but the quality is different

06 and 07 may be interesting, I've no idea if these already appear on other bootleg so Ive attached a sample of Improvisation (1)

Personel:(assuming the date is 23rd June 66)

John Cale - Vocals, Viola
Sterling Morrisson - Vocals, Guitar
Mo Tucker- Bass
Angus MacLise- Drums

Dancers: Ingrid Superstar, Gerard Malagna

Lights: Danny Williams


Andy Warhol
Lou Reed- Beth Israel Hospital, New York (with Hepatitis)