Vermont Jazz All-Stars
Higher Ground
Winooski, VT

Schoeps M222+MK4> Elvo NT 222> Apogee> HHb
FOB recorded@16/48
Transfer: Tascam DA-P1 > (S/PDIF>toslink adapter)> Mac Mini >Audacity> Flac> x ACT
Taper: unknown but best guess is Mike Masse
DAT clone provided by Cobiwan
Transfer and uploaded by Cobiwan of DiGiHoArDeRs

Set 1:
01: Take The A-Train
02: Undecided
03: Sweet Little Angel
04: Night In Tunisia
05: Going Down Slow
06: Caravan
07: Jump Monk

Set 2:
08: Bright Lights, Big City
09: The Chicken
10: For The Losers
11: Cars Trucks, Buses
12: The Jodi Grind
13: Big Joe Shuffle

14: Landlady
15: Cape Verdean Blues

Trey Anastasio, Big Joe Burrell, Dave Grippo, James Harvey, Jeff Salisbury, Bruce Skalar, Stacy Starkweather

Whoever taped this had the levels a little hot in first set, so there is some minor clipping here and there, but is still EXTREMELY listenable!