Veronica Nunn w/Travis Shook & Marian McPartland
Piano Jazz
Manhattan Beach Studios
Broadcast date: 2008-05-03

* Conversation 3:26
* "One Note Samba" (Jobim) 2:58
* Conversation 4:23
* "American Lullaby/Not While I'm Around" (G. Rich/Sondheim) 4:26
* Conversation 3:34
* "They Can't Take That Away from Me" (G. & I. Gershwin) 2:57
* Conversation 1:03
* "Castles in the Sand" (McPartland) 4:15
* Conversation 2:08
* "I've Grown Accustomed to His Face" (Lerner, Loewe) 4:34
* Conversation 1:14
* "Gone with the Wind" (Magidson, Wrubel) 3:50
* Conversation 1:10
* "In the Days of Our Love" (McPartland) 5;13
* Conversation 1:20
* "I'm Old Fashioned" (Kern, Mercer) 3:41
* Conversation 1:19
* "Doxy" (Rollins) 3:21

Total Time: 55:08

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fc8d5c3e3870127a64e7afddb7277b9d *02 One Note Samba.flac
53abd482095ac88988a7c65deb272caf *03 Conversation.flac
f85a7b738b942fa1f62a0ae222256aa5 *04 American Lullaby-Not While I'm Around.flac
8f257da789ca9ce93fbc04d1924db77b *05 Conversation.flac
3a52ce706a857f41ff1e0715dd590abc *06 They Can't Take that Away from Me.flac
b59408ff57d943b4caff1f28c34af060 *07 Conversation.flac
7265dedabe63d6b94eb21e88abff46f1 *08 Castles in the Sand.flac
a5f304e9e3a6725a12fec33aad738623 *09 Conversation.flac
096485285a73f7d2c2298050d6d24939 *10 I've Grown Accustomed to His Face.flac
90a3c4ff6f7f6fac68b7d76e59a38d48 *11 Conversation.flac
216d4a88cd2d6175edf76918b29656c3 *12 Gone with the Wind.flac
d6e93884cdd134be7b89912d6dd0d927 *13 Conversation.flac
8592520be522a5bccb87334738accbd4 *14 In the Days of Our Love.flac
25b64ab46c61cd9e3e595bd9eb26074f *15 Conversation.flac
5ee530810b0fd2061fdc7b0352c70d06 *16 I'm Old Fashioned.flac
4bac340d713127f95305ce789ceb48c1 *17 Conversation.flac
af253661990f9a641f16507c15af7263 *18 Doxy.flac

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02 One Note Samba.flac:b478c63cc5aa73279a282fe4f56ff525
03 Conversation.flac:44000073daff4c8807d0048be566f7ba
04 American Lullaby-Not While I'm Around.flac:9cef6020db778354df0297641355d835
05 Conversation.flac:555e11cd6f2eebb8a3895b17bd9e54f2
06 They Can't Take that Away from Me.flac:bde8c595ed64354aa8a524e3500b67d0
07 Conversation.flac:43d2df90a1ef9b153c7f9789d94feddc
08 Castles in the Sand.flac:fcd520bb2e48124e3a0efafbf552d645
09 Conversation.flac:eda0693e605295344ecd2142456595b8
10 I've Grown Accustomed to His Face.flac:34d76f9eb76516715aea33741aef6855
11 Conversation.flac:d56f9614d57a92dd3751f0672d16052f
12 Gone with the Wind.flac:fc52836b35c0dfed53e3cb8a1562ef0f
13 Conversation.flac:567e4ccf1ea2b4876dc4516fb2adcbaa
14 In the Days of Our Love.flac:1a99b77543414bd42e5e761ab790def8
15 Conversation.flac:75eca3e80ed4f8ef65ff00d06362391c
16 I'm Old Fashioned.flac:9ea932375b8a624f54219c56b8444ba5
17 Conversation.flac:ecd9bd970b4bbf8ec8f0e2b48bbb9e95
18 Doxy.flac:ac2a12e700e5e19d2bd50d8ced27c38b

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Veronica Nunn hails from Little Rock, Ark. Growing up, she heard all sorts of music, thanks in part to her mother's eclectic tastes. She also got a good dose of jazz from her father, who played jazz trumpet. Nunn began singing and performing at age 9. Some of her childhood performances included events for then-Gov. Bill Clinton.

As a teenager, Nunn found work in Little Rock's jazz clubs, working with pianist Art Porter. She moved to New York at 19 to further pursue her jazz career, and began spending her evenings singing in jam sessions and sitting in at jazz clubs in Harlem and Greenwich Village. During a gig at a Village jazz spot, Sweet Basil, Nunn met bandleader and tenor sax player Big Nick Nicholas. The former mentor to John Coltrane became an important figure in Nunn's life, introducing her to jazz artists on the scene and helping get her name out to other clubs and musicians.

Though she was offered scholarships to Berklee and Julliard, Nunn decided to continue on with her performing career in the city. She's since worked with Eddie Harris, Roy Hargrove, Dave Grusin and Sting, to name a few. Since 1993, Nunn has been an integral part of Michael Franks' group, backing him on tours around the world.

Nunn's most important musical partner is her husband, pianist Travis Shook. The two met at a jam session at the Iridium jazz club and hit it off, both musically and personally. Together, they've launched their own Dead Horse Records label. Nunn has released two CDs through Dead Horse: American Lullaby and her recent Standard Delivery.