Veryan Weston’s Vociferous Choir
Pinewood Studios, London
Recorded: 6th September 2010
Broadcast: 1st Nov 2010

BBC "Jazz on 3"

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Jez Nelson presents a session from composer and improviser Veryan Weston's nine-piece vocal group Vociferous.
Vociferous brings together nine singers from Austria, Serbia and Armenia with skills as varied as Swiss
yodelling, beat-boxing and South Indian vocal techniques. They perform Weston's Tessellations II, which is
based on a sequence of 52 closely related pentatonic scales, with the spirit and energy of jazz and
improvisation at its core.

TomP post on Dime, Nov 2010...Enjoy !!

The Vociferous Choir:

Annette Giesriegl
Dorothea Jaburek
Franz Schmuck
Patrik Thurner
Siruan Kueng
Sofia Knezevic
Iris Ederer
Anush Apoyan
Veryan Weston

00 - Intro > Interview (7.45)
01 - Tessellations II (36.02)
02 - Song for Welwyn Garden (4.47)
03 - Outro > Interview continued (0.46)