Starclub, M�lheim/Ruhr, Germany
September - 27 - 2003

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Rec. Info:
OKM2R -> Sony MZR700 Mini Disc -> Transfer -> CDR -> EAC (secure mode) -> HD -> Audacity (edit/remaster) -> WAV 16/44 -> TLH8 -> FLAC -> DIME -> YOUR EARS AND MIND...
Recorded by my dear brother somewhere close to the stage edge. A bit uneven recording with some position changes which I tried to fix a little bit. Anyway, this is far from "unlistenable".
I've removed a few clicks here and there, so I think it sounds ok. No pics, no setlist...

Another find from those almost unlabled CDRs I wanted to dump for recycling, and a great one. Due to the degeneration of that CDR, the final track has some sound issues, but the whole
show is a very enjoyable listening from those early daze of what has become Germany's finest psychedelic band. As there's some tuning at the end of this tape, I'll guess that it's not
the whole show, especially given the fact that there is no "Ballspeaker" (a regular on the early setlists). Anyway, these short 75 minutes are pure psychrock fun, and - if you understand
german language - the introductions/talks from the Doktor will be entertaining as well...Cool show. SB.

ALL THAT WAS TAPED (74:52 min.)

01. Lovely lady Deb'O'Nair (3:04) *
02. The mystique ship (4:29)
03. ... (3:26)
04. Der Doktor spricht (1:34)
05. Doris Delay (3:30)
06. Der Doktor spricht (1:12)
07. She is just (13) (3:17)
08. ... (13:04)
09. Der Doktor spricht (2:08)
10. Astronomy dominae (5:30)
11. Der Doktor spricht (1:57)
12. ... (5:11)
13. Der Doktor spricht (1:52)
14. ... (6:29)
15. Der Doktor spricht (3:02)
16. Void vibration (15:00)

* fades in
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VIBRAVOID from DUESSELDORF (Home of the Psychspace)

Christian "Dr." Koch - guitar, vocals
other musicians unknown...

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