Pegnitzbuehne, Nuernberg, Germany
March - 23 - 2013

from SEETHEFUZZ7 collection # 005

Rec. Info:
AIWA CM30 Mic -> Olympus LS11 (at WAV 16/44) -> SD -> WEtransfer -> my HD -> Audacity (edit, volume balance + boost only) -> WAV 16/44 -> TLH8 -> FLAC -> DIME -> YOUR EARS AND MIND...
Recorded at first row left side of center by dear SEETHEFUZZ7. A very fine recording without any flaws. And - dare I say - the old mics did a damn fine job. A bit of bitches talk
here and there, but nothing too annoying. All thanks straight to Nuernberg, to SEETHEFUZZ7, for this mighty great recording! Time meets space vice versus...

Well, of course I don't have to tell you anything about Germany's masters of psychedelic rock. You should know them. If not, well you got a real hole in your music experience so far.
Doctor Koch and his fabulous combo from the outskirts of Duesseldorf (formally known as a FORTUNA town, but less as the town that calls K´┐Żln as a parking lot!) from my area of planet
povides a very far out and freaky show for your MIND. The setlist, as tricky as it mights seems will be concluded by some of you psychedelic heads. AS I would just place this into the
internal orbid of sound and space, I just...ahem, lighten one up...and let this go...SB. (BTW, Sorry Dr.Koch, but one day I'll balance that.)


ALMOST FULL SHOW (165:03 min)

01. Intro -> Astronomy dominae (6:25)
02. Mother sky (44:56)
03. ... (18:49)
04. Dr. Koch speaks -> (1:51)
05. ... (3:37)
06. Poupee de cire (3:02)
07. Dr. Koch speaks -> (1:51)
08. Colour your mind (6:41)
09. ... (9:42)
10. Dr. Koch speaks -> (2:47)
11. ... (3:18)
12. Ballspeaker (18:29)
13. In a gadda da vida (15:06)
14. Look at yourself (2:40)
15. Dr. Koch speaks (2:12)
16. ... (3:27)
17. Doris Delay (3:54)
18. Dr. Koch speaks (1:35)
19. Lovely lady Deb O'mair (4:06)
20. ... (4:07)
21. Black and white (stoner version) (6:18)

Support the Doctor and his band, you know where to get the rare items, but for all out there, get the CDs....
As usual, no lossy files, no lossy blog/tracker ect. You know.
If you sell ... meet Dr. Koch somewhere, he's gonna send you to...


Uploaded to DIME by SPACEBANDIT 2013/04/16