Haus der Jugend, Duesseldorf, Germany
April - 16 - 2016
"Aktion Rheinland Festival"

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Rec. Info:
Okm2R -> Zoom H2n (@ WAV 16/44) -> MemoryCard -> HD -> Audacity (edit/remaster) -> WAV 16/44 -> TLH8 -> FLAC -> DIME -> YOUR EARS AND MIND...seefeelhear...
Recorded by yours truly at 2nd/1st row left of stage center (moved forward probably half time). Unfortunately this doesn't sound too good, maybe due to the forced taping
situation (we arrived in time for the show) and the less than satisfying sound system at the location. It's kinda "muddy" to my damaged ears...also, due to the quick start
with no real tune up (something I didn't experience from Vibravoid yet) there are a few seconds from "TNK" missing. And sorry, no pics as the stage was much too dark for my crappy
little camera. There was no setlist on stage, but I think I got almost all songs despite my usual weak memory for songtitles...

Great short trip! A few days before the show my dear old friend Dirk from D'dorf called me up to invite me to this show. As neither him or me experienced a Vibravoid show in the
last couple years, I felt it was time. Fixed comfortable train tix and arrived in the late afternoon. After some extended talks, vinyl listenings and tasty Mettbroetchen two very
nice friends, Robert and Phillip joined us and picked us up for the drive cross the rather big city of Duesseldorf towards the location, a youth centre.
Vibravoid only played a rather short set, but hey, it was a festival (they were closing) and it was for free (in both meanings of the word, as this was an event remembering the heroes
of rhine area resistance against the Nazi rule some 70+ years ago, which did cost many of them their lives). Anyway, what this show lacks in quality of the recorded sound, it all makes
up with a beautiful performance from Duesseldorf's finest and probably Germany's best psychedelic rock band around. Grateful thanks to Dr. Koch and Co. and straight from the heart to
Dirk, Robert and Philip. And now let's jump into the show! SB.

ALMOST FULL SHOW (63:26 min.)

01. Tomorrow never knows (4:03) *
02. ... (2:48)
03. ... (2:39)
04. Seefeel (3:38)
05. Colour your mind (6:20)
06. What you want -> (15:13)
07. Mother sky -> (20:31)
08. Playing with Beuys (8:10)

* a few seconds missing at the start, and yes, it was a short take!
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VIBRAVOID in DUESSELDORF (Home of the Psychspace)

Christian "Dr." Koch - guitar, vocals
Dario Treese - keyboards
Marco ??? - drums

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