Vic Chesnutt
October 13, 1995
KCRW Studios
Morning Becomes Eclectic
Santa Monica.Ca

source : fm
taper : markp

01 Intro
02 You Got It All Wrong
03 Interview
04 Old Hotel
05 Interview
06 Mezzanine
07 Interview
08 Fidgity Boy
09 Interview
10 Thread
11 Interview

1st seed: September 3, 2007 by persic
shared together with Quinine's session of 1995-10-12
2nd seed: February 2, 2012 by _tunic_
sessions uploaded separately. Files were renumbered and new checksums created.

_tunic_'s notes:
There's quite some hiss one this broadcast. If anyone has an upgrade, please share!
Also one other KCRW session of Vic has been shared here in the past, dated 1993-11-12. Would be great if someone could reseed it.