Solo set opening for the Cowboy Junkies. Sound is clear but there is constant audience chatter
and applause is dominant.

Montreal, QC -- Club Soda
1996-04-09 -- 46:30

01. Sponge
02. Panic Pure
03. Aunt Avis
04. Bernadette
05. Everything I Say
06. Square Room
07. Old Hotel
08. Gluefoot [false start]
09. Gluefoot
10. Sad Peter Pan
11. Let's Get Down to Business

Sennheiser MKE2002 -> Denon DTR80P (16 bit, 48 khz)
Fostex D5 -> M-Audio 24/96 (digital port) -> CEP (trim, final fade) -> R8Brain v1.9 (vhq
downsample) -> CDwave (track split) -> flac frontend (level 8, verified, SBE correction
enabled) -> maketorrent 2.1 (info, ffp, MD5 files included) -> DIME on 2009-12-26.

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