Aladdin Theater

Source: AKG C-480 B's w/ CK-61's (FOB, DFC, 110 degrees ORTF)> Lunatec V3 (48/24)>Digigram VX Pocket V2> Toshiba 3490ct (winXPpro)>HDD> Soundforge 0.0>(downsampled and dithered to 44.1/16)(raised levels of music and lowered levels of audience in between so essentially the music is louder than the crowd)(fades added at beginning and end of set)> Flac Frontend v1.7.1>Flac16
Recorded by Jeff Betts

vic was chatting with 3-5 people in the lobby during the opener's set when I headed out for my safety break.
Vic was talking about books by Kevin Phillips about economics & politics

rolls onstage @ 9:05 tunes for couple minutes

9:07 Stupid Preoccupations [t02]
9:13 Tarragon [t03]
9:15 START OVER ?Boys in the backroom?
9:18 Band Camp [t04]
9:25 Isadora Duncan [t05]
Story about Wounded Prince [t06]
9:33 Wounded Prince [t07]
9:37 Where Were You [t08]
9:44 brute "Morally Challenged" [t09]
9:49 Supernatural [t10]
9:54 Shit [t11]
9:58 Square Room [t12]
10:04 Virginia [t13]
10:09 ??'Angry with Me'??[t14]
10:14 When I ran off and left her [t15]
10:19 rolls off...rolls on..encore
10:22 See You Around [t16]
10:29 Sewing Machine [t17]
10:36 ...rolls off...

01 Hello-Intro
02 Stupid Preoccupations
03 Tarragon
04 Band Camp
05 Isadora Duncan
06 Story about Wounded Prince
07 Wounded Prince
08 Where Were You
09 Morally Challenged
10 Supernatural
11 Shit
12 Square Room
13 Virginia
14 ??'Angry with Me'??
15 When I ran off and left her
10:19PM rolls off...rolls on...ENCORE
16 See You Around
17 Sewing Machine