Vic Chesnutt & Band
Vienna, Austria

All credits,pics, taping & artwork: Niko Springstein

Source: Sony ECM 717 > Sony HiMD NH-NZ1 > USB > Sonic Stage 3.3 >
HiMDrenderer > MagixMusicStudio (fade in/out) > CD-Wave (tracks) > flac frontend (level 6)

This recording is - like all my recordings - dedicated to Mic Christopher (he still travels with us) and -
since a very cold, very wet, very drunken, very irish october nite - to
an unique litte girl (love me tonite for I may never see you again....)!

Thanks again for hundreds of hours of laughing, travelling, keeping me warm (where is my third blanket?),
drinking, singing terrible grönemeyer songs, driving, watching, playing with fire, sleeping......

Please DO distribute via bittorrent or usenet!

Please do NOT convert into mp3 or other lossy formats.
Please do NOT sell this recording.
Please do pass along the source info (this file) if you trade this show.


Disc 1:
1.) Rambunctious Cloud
2.) Virginia
3.) The Garden
4.) Little Caesar
5.) Ignorant People
6.) Blanket Over The Head / Free Of Hope

Disc 2:
1.) Intro
2.) Guilty By Assosiation
3.) Intro “My Chinese Roommate”
4.) 2nd Floor
5.) Intro To
6.) Vesuvius
7.) Worst Friend (“NEW SONG”)
8.) encore
9.) Zippy Morocco
10.) New Town

R.I.P. Vic, you`ll be sadly missed!