Vic Chesnutt & Band
Frankfurt, Germany

Taper: Big Ray
Lineage: unknown
Artwork: Niko Springstein

Vic Chesnutt : guitar, harmonica, vocals
Tina Chesnutt : drums, harmonica, backing vocals
Liz Durrett : bass, backing vocals

1. Intro (Welcome To The Show)
2. Rambunctious Cloud
3. Virginia
4. The Garden
5. Little Caesar
6. Ignorance People
7. Blanket Over The Head/Free Of Hope

1. Guilty by Association
2. 2nd Floor
3. Degenerate
4. Actual Quote form an Actual Fan
5. Miss Mary
6. See You Around
7. Sponge

Artwork included!
R.I.P. Vic, we`ll miss you!